Thursday, 5 September 2019

Brown Booby - Sula leucogaster

St. Ives Bay, St. Ives, Cornwall on August 29th 2019

2nd calendar year Brown Booby in St. Ives Bay, Cornwall in August 2019

This first for Britain 2nd calendar year Brown Booby had been found in St. Ives bay a couple of days previously and appeared to be lingering in the area!

Deciding to twitch it I made my way down to Cornwall connecting with an 'introduced' White Stork as I drove by Ryan's Fields on the Hayle and was 'eventually' installed at the watch point on St. Ives Island. There were still some folks looking at plenty of Gannet along with some 'look alike' immature birds, thousands of Manx and several Balearic Shearwater, Guillemots, good numbers of Mediterranean Gull, both Arctic and Great Skua but NO Brown Booby!

Deciding that early morning would be the best chance I stayed down overnight and was back in St. Ives and parking up at 08:12. Placing the car park ticket in the car a message was received stating that the Booby was on show in St. Ives bay at... 08:12! Unbelievable!

Dashing the 50 metres to the aforementioned watch point on St. Ives Island I was quickly put on to the bird across the bay.

Although distant the bird was showing quite well and the main characteristics were suitably noted. I continued to watch it for another half an hour cruising the shoreline, diving and feeding on the sea before it powered east and was lost to view past Godrevy Island.

It was reported several time during the day but was last noted 12 kilometres west past Pendeen late in the day?

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