Thursday, 5 September 2019

UK Twitching - Part Two!

The five most recent additions to my UK forms list!

Eastern Black Redstart - Phoenicurus ochruros phoenicuroides/ rufiventris on Lindisfarne, Northumberland in November 2011 | Martyn Hayes

Masked Wagtail - Motacilla alba personata at Camrose, Pembrokeshire in December 2016 | Martyn Hayes

American Horned Lark - Eremophila alpestris hoyti at Staines Reservoir, Surrey in November 2017 | Martyn Hayes

Thayer's Gull - Larus glaucoides thayeri on Ibsley Water, Hampshire in February 2018

Ashy-headed Wagtail - Motacilla flava cinereocapilla on Northwick Warth, S. Gloucestershire in April 2018

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